Saturday, 7 April 2018

Sensational Ideas For Gift Wrapping

The Gift Presentation
The excitement of a gift is in the presentation. Whether for a holiday or a birthday the package will make everyone wonder what is inside. There a many way to make a gift enticing.

Hand Lettering
A handwritten note tells the recipient there way effort place in every detail. Attach the note with twill tape for a nice appearance.

The Holiday Mouse
Adorable wrapping paper can use used to make the gift look just like a mouse. The recipient will be delighted and may not want to immediately open the gift.

Fabric Flowers
Fabric flowers are a beautiful finishing touch for any wrapping. This is an amazing way to top off a gift.

Word Search
Wrapping paper can be personalized with a word search for any puzzle lover. This is unique way of combining two gifts into one.

The Gift Pouch
Making a gift pouch from fabric is creative and simple. The addition of cotton twine ensure the recipient knows the wrapping was handmade with care.

Small cotton pom-poms ensure the wrapping stand out. They are simple to make and the kids will enjoy helping.

Photo Wrapping Paper
Photos of the recipient can be blown up for a sensational wrapping paper. The personal touch will be appreciated.

Interactive Wrapping
The creativity of a child can turn plain white or brown packaging supplies and paper into an interactive gift to delight the recipient.

Chalkboard Wrapping Paper
White markers and black craft paper only require a little imagination to make anything possible.

Confetti Wrap
Most people have shaken a gift in an attempt to figure out what it was. The confetti will move when the gift is shaken and enchant the recipient.

Sewn Wrapping
Wrapping can be sewn together for an awesome appearance. The recipient is sure to be confused when they try to figure out how to open the package.

Watercolor Wrapping
DIY watercolor wrap makes an art project out of giving a gift. All different color combinations will look fantastic.

Crepe Paper
Gifts can be wrapped using fringe crepe paper for some extra flair. The wrapping can be colorful, bright or metallic.

Money Balloons
Money balloons are sensational when the gift is cash. Fill a clear helium balloon with money and confetti for a nice surprise.

Paint Swatch Boxes
Leftover paint sample swatches will add a colorful twist to any gift box. They are easy to fold into remarkable wrappings.

Pixel Weave Wrapping
Any artist will appreciate a crafty weave design. A wrapping masterpiece can be accomplished with paper or yarn.

DIY Duct Tape Wrap
Duct tape is easy to use, inexpensive, can fix nearly anything and adds a little nice color to any gift.

Felt Gift Card Holder
A gift card can make a charming gift when placed in a personalized felt holder made for the recipient.

Sheet Music Wrapping
Every music lover will adore a gift wrapped in sheet music. They will make sure not to rip the wrapping so they can enjoy it later.

Starry Night Wrapping
Stargazers will always appreciate a constellation made from a silver sharpie and dark blue paper. The possibilities are endless and only limited to the immagination.

Book Page Wrapping
Every book lover will adore book pages used a as unique wrapping paper. Old, worn out books are perfect for this purpose.

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